The Oro Molido Foundation is a non profit organization that was created in 2015 in Medellin, Colombia with the purpose of bringing together resources, both private and public, to assist citizens in coffee growing rural communities. The foundation assist with providing higher quality education, conservation of traditional farming practices, and preservation of historical sites. 

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The Foundation represents the social interests of the holding Company Oro Molido S.A., a coffee producing and exporting business with an enormous interest in helping the communities that surround their farms in Antioquia, Colombia. The company’s subsidiary African Plantations Kilimanjaro (APK), based in Tanzania, also plays an important role in the development of the surrounding communities providing medical centers and supplying corn to 38 schools.  In the same way, we wish to develop the local communities in Colombia.

Where we work

Our main focus areas are the rural communities in the Southeast region of Antioquia, a state located in the central northwestern region of Colombia. Communities located in coffee production areas generally suffer from high rates of poverty, low education rates, and environment pollution. Additionally, younger citizens in these communities often migrate to the larger cities with hope of finding an easier way of life.

Currently we have programs implemented in the subregions of Fredonia and Santa Barbara, where we have identified Palomos Rural School with 180 students, and Murrapal Rural School with 205 students as the focal point of our programs next to Oro Molido’s farms. Both schools welcome students from other smaller communities, some of them have journeys of up to three hours  by foot because of the insufficient public transportation and proper roads.

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