The Sé project (Constructing a library and cultural center)

One of our main projects is the Sé project. The goal of the Sé project is to construct a library and cultural center at the Vista Nieves school in the Sierra de Santa Marta and in this way enhance the level of education on reading skills and provide a place where people can connect with each other.

At the moment the school does not have any space dedicated to this function. The books are housed in a disorderly manner throughout the school, deteriorating due to adverse weather conditions, and making it impossible for children to have adequate access to them.

The library will have a multifunctional character. Not only will it be used to store books and provide a quiet and inspiring place where students can (learn to) read, it will also serve as a cultural center where students can learn about arts and music and where they can hold actual recitals. Finally there will also be a coffee lab room where high school graduates can make advanced studies on coffee plantations, their cultivation and their trade.

We believe that building this library will not only benefit the school, but it will be a symbol of hope for the entire community. A meeting place where students from the 4 other nearby schools, as well as the families that live, work and visit the area, are more than welcome to connect with and learn from each other.

Medical brigades

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In the area of health the Foundation organizes medical brigades in five different communities where people do not have medical assistance because of their economical means and the lack of governmental presence. The medical brigades have given many people the opportunity to have  access to a general doctor, as well as a dentist, an optometrist, a gynecologist, vaccinations and other medical services. 

The medical brigades are also an important gathering for the communities. We organize recreational activities for the children to enjoy and for adults we organize different workshops about health topics and about environmental conservation.


Our projects attempt to recover and disperse the pass-down knowledge, oral traditions, and family archives of local citizens. By supporting farmers and other specialist workers in the communities we hope to conserve the way of life lived in these communities for generations to come. We hope that farmers will feel like their way of life is every bit as valid and valuable as any other trade. That is why, we support artisans in the start-up of businesses with training, which includes product supply chain support.

Community projects

The Foundation also contributes to several projects that aim at improving the every day life in the different communities.

In the community of Los Palomos we contributed to the construction of a new playground. Before there was no place where the younger children could play and enjoy themselves after school. This new playground offers the younger children a place where they can play in a safe and colourful environment. 

In 2015 the Foundation provided resources to contribute in the construction of a road to facilitate the transportation and communication of an isolated rural community in the municipality of Santa Barbara. This road enhanced the mobility of the people living in the community a lot.