In times of COVID-19 it is more important than ever to support our communities. We developed different strategies on how to support those most in need because of the crisis. On this page you can find out more about the strategies we already implemented and the ones we have programmed for the coming weeks. Next to that you can find out how to support us, especially during these times of crisis.


Hospitals in rural areas do not always have the resources to purchase the necessary supplies to provide appropriate medical care or to purchase the necessary items to protect their staff.

As a first step in our action plan, we are providing supplies and protective elements for medical personnel to hospitals in the municipalities where we are present. In this way, we offer them the opportunity to continue providing their healthcare services in an adequate manner and with the necessary protection.

Health support locations:

Medical centers

Regions where we have presence

Antioquia, Magdalena, Huila

Food Security

Luckily the virus is not so widespread yet in the rural areas. But because a lot of the families are dependent on the cities for their jobs and income, the economic impact is already very big. A lot of our people are unemployed and food is scarce.

The Foundation has identified the most vulnerable families and is providing them with bags of basic supplies

Food support provided so far:

Grocery Kits

Regions where we have presence

Antioquia, Huila

Support us

You can support our mission during these times of crisis: helping those most vulnerable.

What’s next?

In the coming weeks, we will continue to deliver protective supplies to hospitals in our communities and also food to families in need.

In addition, we plan to implement other programs:

  • Checking the status of ambulances to ensure the transfer of critical patients to hospitals.
  • Implementing mobile units in order to carry out rapid tests to screen infected people, but also to provide care for those people with other types of diseases who are at greater risk when traveling to hospitals or medical centers.
  • We will support our communities in the creation and maintenance of family gardens in their homes, thus ensuring the consumption of fruits, vegetables, and other plants during the crisis period, and making sure that not only during the crisis but also after the crisis there will be a steady food supply.
  • We will implement entrepreneurship programs taking advantage of the resourcefulness and talent of our communities to generate resources in the homes.
  • We will support the schools we work with by providing them with extra tutors, who can tutor the students after hours in the more complex subjects.