In the post-conflict era in Colombia, transforming the rural areas for the betterment of the citizens is an important objective. The Fundación Oro Molido works to support the state and rural citizens in making theses improvements.


The Oro Molido Foundation is a nonprofit organization which seeks to support developing rural areas located in the coffee growing sector, mainly managing the creation of urban development plans that guarantee a secure and positive transformation of these territories.

In addition, pursuing to contribute to the promotion of education and culture as well as to the common welfare and social interest of the coffee growing communities.


  • Responsability
  • Respect
  • Perseverance
  • Research
  • Comunication
  • Team work


By the year 2020, the Oro Molido Foundation shall be recognized both on regional and national level during the upcoming years as an entity that promotes territorial, cultural, educational and communal development in the coffee growing zones at high social risk, applying strategies which insure reliable and secure results for the communities.