Hotbed of research:

The school system in Colombia lacks in providing students with research skills. As a Foundation we emphasize the importance of developing research skills at young age. That is why we created a hotbed of research in rural schools where teachers and students come together to gather information in various topics depending on their interests. These hotbeds are assisted by teachers who guide the students during the research process and provide them with skills to develop a project-based learning method.

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One of our research program focuses on preserving historical sites and collecting inherited knowledge from community members about these sites. Our hope is that some of these historical sites and cultural traditions will open up new opportunities for tourism, which will potentially provide additional income to citizens of these rural communities.

After the big success of the local hotbeds, we now have created a researching association where teachers and students of different schools and institutions in the region come together. We facilitate research training for both students and teachers and we provide spaces where they can share their experiences and findings.

Ángela Villegas y Raúl Escobar Scholarship

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We believe that to accomplish real sustainable change we have to invest in the younger generations. Since 2017 we provide full scholarships to talented students who want to pursue an academic career at one of the many universities in Colombia. The goal is that the students  will use their obtained knowledge to improve life in the communities. 

Next to the financial support the scholarship program also consists of support on studying skills, tutoring classes for difficult subjects and monthly inter vision meetings where students share experiences about living in a big city and together discover different parts of the cities they live in. 

The first scholarship was awarded in 2017 to a high-school graduate from a school in one of the communities we support. He is now studying Forestry Engineering at the Tecnológica de Antioquia in Medellin. 

With the help of our sponsor, we have been able to award a total number of 11 scholarship to students who are now studying at different universities in Medellin and other cities in Colombia. They study in different fields like languages, industrial engineering, productivity engineering, and specialized coffee programs. 

Are you interested in sponsoring one of our students and give them a chance to pursue their dreams and live a brighter future? Here you can find more information about the different sponsoring possibilities. 

Teachers motivation

We share with teachers improved methods of teaching that promote better classroom experiences, in order to maximize what the children learn at school. Our teachers reinforce the fact that working and living in the rural communities is an acceptable and perhaps better choice than city-life. We work on building strong relationship between teachers, communities, public, and private organizations to improve social conditions within rural areas.

English program

In the English program we use international volunteers to teach at the different schools in the communities. The main focus is teaching English classes at primary school, so children at a young age get a basic understanding in English. The classes are also used to teach the children about different cultures and raise the childrens interest in different cultures. 

Next to these classes, there is also a program for the teenagers in 11th grade. This program focuses on preparing the students for their general English exam they have to take at the end of their schoolcareer. This exam is important, because the result of this exam influences the possibilities of getting accepted to a university.