We strive to improve the quality of education by supporting rural educational institutions through programs thatencourage research and the exploration of artistic expressions, and by ensuring equal opportunities for rural students.

Higher Education Scholarships

From 2017, Oro Molido Foundation supports young students with outstanding academic performance and vocation for the areas that contribute to rural development.

Through these scholarships, low-income students have the opportunity to pursue a technical or professional career, receiving economic resources and psycho-social support, so that they can graduate successfully and become agents of transformation in their social environment.

To achieve this, we receive some donations and are engaged in alliances with other non-profit organizations which also seek to help improve the quality of life or rural communities and to offer tools to young people and their families in the search of a better future.


Scholarship Recipients Testimonials

Manuel Antonio Yepes
Danilo Suaza

Research Seedbeds

We work on designing research projects based on needs and inquiries coming from the rural sector of southwestern Antioquia. Elementary, middle school, and high school students, and students who received scholarships from the foundation are the ones in charge of leading these projects. They fulfill their social work by answering questions arising from problems in the territory.

This has allowed us to align project-based learning with the school curriculum of some public educational institutions, train teachers on the structuring of classroom projects, and motivate dozens of students to pursue higher education. For us, this is the necessary path to promote the development of the rural sector in our country


Historical Research Project Presentation

Maria Isabel Grajales

“Capicúa” educational radio program

The purpose of our projects is to create a different environment that integrates rural communities that are impacted by us, so that they are able to turn their problems into new opportunities for sustainable development.

The projects have been designed to work on three lines: health, education, and infrastructure.
To comply with and develop its projects, the Oro Molido S.A. family supplies resources, receives donations, and creates strategic alliances with other organizations and foundations, which helps creating a higher impact

educación fundación oro molido antioquia fredonia colombia
educación fundación oro molido antioquia fredonia colombia

School of Music

As part of our efforts for promoting music and improving education as a vehicle for community peace and development, we support the creation of music schools.
Lessons include music theory and introduction to instruments. Students have the opportunity to form ensembles where they can demonstrate their skills through different music styles, from traditional to classical music.

This program has allowed us to discover students that have a special talent for music, giving them a new life opportunity. As a Foundation, we are committed to supporting their talent and artistic future.


Testimonials of Beneficiaries of the Music School program

Jorge Armando García
Samuel Castaño

Peace marching bands

The Foundation is committed to promoting culture through the creation and implementation of music and marching bands. These recreational activities improve the students’ ties and integration with the members of the community.

To date, three peace marching bands are sponsored by the Foundation. They represent their municipalities in regional and national events. The program manages three pedagogical processes: Music initiation, instrumental training, and marching.

educación fundación oro molido antioquia fredonia colombia


Testimonials of Beneficiaries of the Bands program

Estefanía Quintero
Juan David Cano
Heiber Méndez (instructor)