We do healthcare and wellbeing work through awareness programs and concrete actions. We give people the opportunity to carry out healthy, enriching activities during their free time, taking into account their skills and keeping them away from negative influences in their social environment.

Health Brigades

Health brigades are aimed at educating coffee farmers on disease prevention and personal care to improve the health and living conditions of the families. This work is done by providing dental, medical, and gynecological services, among others.


Health Brigades Testimonials

Sorelly López
Yuliana Marcela Escobar (higienista dental)

School of soccer

For Oro Molido Foundation, using the free time of children and young people is essential. This is why we have founded a Football School for supporting sports and health, which offers other leisure activities that take them away from social problems in their communities.


Testimony of the beneficiaries of the Soccer School

Pablo César Gómez


In the context of the need caused by the pandemic, Oro Molido Foundation contributed to hospitals of its area of influence, seeking better and faster service levels. Some of the donations include biosecurity supplies for patient and healthcare staff protection, advanced biosecurity protection kits to decrease the spread of the virus, rapid tests so that hospitals could discharge possible positive cases sooner, and other elements that were essential for providing healthcare to coffee-growing communities during the pandemic.