Support Us

If you wish to get involved with our projects and activities,
we suggest three ways you can do it:
Volunteering, Donating materials or Financial Donations.


Besides our full commitment to the communities and our main focus targeted on education and culture development, we also seek to act in all possible situations that involve the youngest to the oldest of the community.

Donating Materials

If you have materials or equipment to donate to the communities, whether for the schools, sports groups or to people in general, please contact us and we will act as a bridge between you and them.

You can also get in touch with us in case you are looking for a social project to participate in with your friends or colleagues but you haven’t found an actual community yet. In this case we would be happy to connect you with the community leaders to facilitate this.

Financial Donations

If you wish to contribute to any of our existing programs or new projects currently being developed, please contact us regarding financial donations.

If you are interested in helping our Foundation in any possible way or want to receive more information, feel free to contact us at anytime.

I accept sendding this information to Fundación Oro Molido.